General Aviation News, in their June 8th, 2007 issue, posed the question "What is the Greatest Airplane?"
There are the usual responses, like the P-51 the DC-3 and the Piper Cub.  But check this comment out by
GAN columnist and LSA expert Dan Johnson:

"The Air Cam is the greatest airplane ever because it will allow flying you simply cannot do in any other airplane.  It's
a twin-engine ultralight designed for use by National Geographic to explore Africa.  It can fly 10 feet above the tree
tops in safety as it can, with no engine management challenge, climb up and away on one engine.  Such near-Earth
exploration is not done in twin-engine GA planes, ultralights or any other aircraft, with the same level of assurance.
Air Cams can take off on one engine, easily, and with both Rotax 912's turning, leap off terra firma in less than 100
feet and climb 2,000 fpm at Vne, all while burning only 10 gph.  Try all that in any other aircraft!"