Flying Chiquita

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A visitor from Ohio gets a taste of Santa Cruz from the air.   That's the pier below us.  We're up so high, you can notice the curvature of the earth.  Not!
WingBeach2.JPG (184569 bytes)
The latest view from Chiquita, courtesy of the factory's new camera boom.  The Pajaro River meets the Pacific Ocean.
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Some of the agricultural fields that surround Santa Cruz county.  Always interesting to bank to the right and look to the left . . .
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A shot of the Elkhorn Slough, which is a natural preserve near Watsonville.  
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With Paul De Zan riding shotgun and handling the camera, Chiquita heads for the barn.  Paul is now building his own Air Cam up at Rio Vista airport.
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On the look out for sea lions, otters, eagles, dolphins, whales and nudists.  Another tough day in Santa Cruz.
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My brother Matt takes his first flight over the Monterey Bay and loves it.  "Don't you think we're flying too low" he asked? 
SlowSlower.jpg (58763 bytes)
Detail on Chiquita's Throttle assembly.  Some people actually think this is serious!
PassengerWarn.jpg (49663 bytes)
The FAA required labeling, with an addendum added that expresses my true feelings.
newmossland.jpg (17254 bytes)
The view forward on a clear day, cruising at 200' over the Moss Landing beach.  We circled over four dolphins playing in surf below us.  At first I thought they were sharks, about to attack some surfers on the other side of the shore break.
Camflying1.jpg (64859 bytes)
Here is Chiquita roving the hills of Watsonville.  The required California attire: leather jacket and shorts.  You can't see the Birkenstocks.
Camclouds.jpg (22089 bytes)
We get lots of local morning fog.  No problem to fly over the tops with the security of two engines.  Hey, if one quits, you're back to a single.
newwharfsc.jpg (19627 bytes)
The Santa Cruz wharf and amusement park.   We're just  floating around in Chiquita at 4,000 r.p.m., which is about 45% on the power setting.
December Single.jpg (30226 bytes)
Gnarley, man.  Almost between sets of waves, my brother and I pick our way down the coast at 100'.  Not a nice place to ditch.  Some of the waves appeared higher than the plan.
December Matt Rear Shot.jpg (55400 bytes)
It gets cold even in California.  Wearing a ski suit in the back is just the ticket, says Matt.   I purchased a WearGuard suit over the internet for $140, complete with monogram.
December JL gate.jpg (26966 bytes)
A tough decision coming up: should we fly between the towers of the bridge, under the bridge, or ???  A great site, even if you've seen it a hundred times.
December Golden Gate.jpg (43823 bytes)
We flew eight circuits around the Golden Gate, looking for the right angle.  A rare day of severe clear up in San Francisco.
Alcatraz.gif (42787 bytes)
About as close as I want to get to Alcatraz.  I remember as a kid the fear that they would shoot our boat's sails if we sailed near.  Taken with a 21mm.   Objects are much closer than they appear.
December Lighthouse.jpg (49049 bytes)
Pidgeon Point Lighthouse, between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.  The HMS Pidgeon  sank here and could have used a light house.
frasierlake.jpg (47852 bytes)
A local grass strip near Hollister.   The author, using the patented Air  Cam  TireSeat™
Whalewatch.jpg (30659 bytes)
Perfect whale watching weather: overcast and smooth waters.  Four were found near Pebble Beach.
Clarktop.JPG (362562 bytes)
After a recent flight, where the Coast Guard thought that we had ditched because we flew so low.   
coastjl.jpg (48352 bytes)
 The view forward, taken with a 19mm wide angle.   If you're taking shots from the wing or rear cockpit, you really need a 19mm or wider lens to capture the plane and scenery.   
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